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Recruitment and Interview Skills

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Attracting, selecting and retaining the best talent is essential for any business to grow. Yet, statistics show the costs of making the wrong choice of candidate can be huge for all organisations.


The investment of time, money and opportunity costs quickly stack up. The risks to business continuity and team dynamics can add to the problem.


For all managers, the skill of interviewing in a structured manner is vital in ensuring that the most suitable candidate is chosen to add real value to a business. 

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Who's it for?

Any staff member who is involved in the selection and interviewing process of either internal or external candidates for roles within their business.



Anyone who would like to enhance their interviewing skills. Those involved in recruitment campaigns. 

Indicative Duration - 2 days

Student Writing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Produce a comprehensive role profile with associated competencies 

  • Use a variety of methods to attract applicants to their business 

  • Prepare and structure the selection process 

  • Use a variety of questioning techniques designed to get the best from the candidate 

  • Use appropriate challenge in the interview situation to probe the candidate’s experience 


Learning Content

  • Creating a role profile – the job description and person specification 

  • Editing the job description to pinpoint essential and preferable skills and experience 

  • Creating the job advertisement 

  • Attraction methods – the advantages and disadvantages 

  • The 4-part selection process 

  • How to prepare the right environment 

  • The importance of positive body language 

  • Questioning skills – open and closed questions and how to use them at each stage 

  • Competency based questions 

  • Situational questions 

  • Avoiding risk in the interview process 

  • Evaluating candidates and making your decision