Delivering A Cutting Edge for Your People and Organisation

Our ethos at Exemplia Learning is simple – we are passionate about the potential learning creates to give organisations and individuals a "Cutting Edge.”

We know that small things make a big difference. Our approach is to work collaboratively with you to identify the elements that will give your organisation the performance cutting edge.

Through thoughtful and pragmatic interventions, we believe that experiential interaction is the key to delivering successful learning. By working directly with our learners, we create environments where people can think, challenge and develop paths for enhanced and sustainable “Cutting Edge” performance.

Our 3 "C's"

Our programmes are designed to deliver the “3 Cs” for teams and individuals.

Often, teams and individuals may only have one or two of these elements. Our approach is to ensure that we are totally aligned with organisational goals and expectations to produce harmonised development programmes that are inspirational and measurable.

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About Us

With over 100 years combined experience across the Executive Search and Learning & Development disciplines, we have a highly experienced team of consultants who are experts in identifying and delivering the "Cutting Edge" – the performance improvements that will drive your business growth.

We offer honest and straightforward advice without the jargon. We focus purely on the outcomes and performance development that will make a real difference to your people and ultimately, your business.

We engage and collaborate with you to develop bespoke learning programmes that will deliver to your needs and ensure our solutions are tailored to your business and sector.


Our Services

We deliver a range of services aimed at providing the "Cutting Edge" required to improve your business performance and deliver business growth.

All of our programmes are tailored to your needs and we work collaboratively with you to identify the elements that will give your organisation the performance "Cutting Edge" 


Our "Cutting Edge" Training Programme

Our offer is simple – 13 training courses that will deliver the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to give your organisation the "Cutting Edge.”


With over 100 years combined experience in learning and development, our principal consultants have isolated 13 key learning areas and associated competencies that we believe are vital to success.


Our energising programmes have clear and measurable outcomes and will use relevant practical scenarios, case studies and examples to engage learners and create the momentum for change.

Executive On-boarding

The transition period for any new executive is crucial to long term success. 


We know that nearly half of all leadership transitions fail within the first two years and nearly 70% stated organisational culture and politics were the primary reason for failure.


Given how vital it is to ensure the success of Executive level appointments, we provide one-to-one customised on-boarding  programmes for your senior level roles.


These significantly reduce the risk of failure as we help identify and address any cultural and wider organisational challenges.

Executive Coaching

We provide one-to-one coaching services from executive board level through to managers and supervisors.

Our highly experienced coaches will work directly with individuals to isolate specific needs, facilitate conversations and collaboratively develop action plans.

Coaching is an invaluable part of confidence and commitment building and has proved be one of the most reliable methods in developing personal effectiveness and efficiency.