Informative Interview

Managing Difficult Conversations

Guidance & Inspiration

Tackling difficult or challenging situations can be filled with peril for many managers. Potential conflict means that some shy away or avoid dealing with problems related to behaviour or performance.


However, failure to tackle these situations invariably means that the problem gets worse and the manager can be perceived as weak by other team members. 


Handled well, the conversations can not only correct behavioural issues but also provide a springboard for improved performance and team harmony. 

Networking Event

Who's it for?

Any manager who experiences difficult situations in the workplace and needs to hold potentially challenging situations with team members. 

Indicative Duration - 1 day

Student Writing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Informally manage team and individual issues without resorting to formal procedures 

  • Use the correct management style to deal with issues 

  • Diagnose the issue and its impact 

  • Deliver feedback in a non-judgemental and factual manner 

  • Manage emotions and stick to the issues 

  • Create personal improvement plans to develop behaviour and performance 


Learning Content

  • Diagnosing the issue – capability or conduct? 

  • Choosing the most appropriate management style 

  • Action Centred Leadership 

  • Delivering feedback using the SNIP method 

  • Remaining emotionally neutral – assertiveness without confrontation 

  • The importance of language 

  • When coaching may be the answer 

  • Developing the PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) 

  • Escalating the issue and best practice HR for managers 

  • Practice Sessions – the programme will employ actors to play out scenarios with participants to develop skills