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Management Essentials

Guidance & Inspiration

Getting the best from your team and individuals is essential to the success of any team leader or manager. It is said that we never forget a great manager who tapped into our potential and made us successful.


Yet, leadership presents several challenges. These require different strategies and approaches depending on the situation faced by the team leader. It requires careful consideration and thought.


Leadership is learned and this impactful programme aims to provide a comprehensive toolkit for supervisors, managers and team leaders. 

Networking Event

Who's it for?

Anyone new to leadership or is stepping into a management role for the first time.


It is also suitable for those who may have some management experience but have had little or no formal management training.


It will also be useful for organisations wishing to create a clear and consistent management culture. 

Indicative Duration - 2 days

Student Writing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Adopt the most appropriate management style depending on the requirement of their team 

  • Engage their team by seeking ideas and participation 

  • Set objectives for individual team members and manage performance through providing clear and consistent feedback 

  • Motivate their team 

  • Manage their time effectively  

  • Delegate appropriately using structured methods 


Learning Content

  • The difference between leadership and management 

  • The purpose of management 

  • Expectations of management and associated tasks 

  • Choosing the appropriate management style and behaviour for the situation 

  • The performance cycle 

  • Managing team meetings 

  • Setting meaningful objectives – making the expectation clear 

  • Delivering feedback – positive and negative 

  • Tackling difficult situations and underperformance 

  • Motivation skills 

  • Time management for managers 

  • Delegation skills