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Informative Interview

Introduction to Successful Sales

Guidance & Inspiration

The sales function is the life blood for any organisation. Whether this is the sale of products or services, the role of the sales professional now requires a thoughtful and creative approach in meeting increasingly sophisticated customer requirements.


With more competition, sales people need to demonstrate a thorough understanding not just of their customer needs but also their market sector.


It is through this that they can create a compelling narrative that delivers revenue and profitability. 

Networking Event

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who is new to the sales function.

  • Anyone who has sales experience but has had little or no formal training.


  • Teams that wish to re-evaluate their sales approach. 


Indicative Duration - 2 days

Student Writing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Plan a sales strategy and target potential customers 

  • Research market sectors 

  • Structure a sales approach to maximise opportunities 

  • Use a variety of questioning techniques to draw out explicit and implicit needs 

  • Use 6 key benefits that meet the customer need 

  • Gain commitment to the next stage of the sales process 


Learning Content

  • The qualities of a successful sales person 

  • The importance of research and establishing credibility 

  • Push vs pull styles of communication 

  • The communication tree – channels for contact with customers 

  • The 4-part sales structure 

  • Establishing rapport and value 

  • Questioning techniques – moving beyond “open and closed” 

  • Demonstrating benefits – the 6 key buying motivations 

  • Recognising and managing objections 

  • Gaining commitment from customers 

  • Creating a cost model that delivers profitability 

  • Practice sessions 

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