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Influencing and Persuading Skills

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In both our professional and personal lives, a highly desirable skill is being able to influence and persuade other people. It is not a science, more a subtle art. It is based on respect and a full understanding of the motivations and needs of those whom you wish to persuade.


One thing is certain, is that talking louder and harder is not the answer.


This practical programme looks at the psychology of persuasion and provides tools and tips on how to get people on your side in a variety of situations. 

Networking Event

Who's it for?

Anyone at any level within an organisation that needs to persuade other people towards a course of action.





Indicative Duration - 2 days

Student Writing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to: 

  • List the traits and behaviours of successful influencers and identify why they are successful 

  • Communicate more effectively with other people based on a sound understanding of their drivers and motivations 

  • Develop a more in-depth understanding of other view points and summarise these to demonstrate understanding 

  • Tailor your own point of view and use benefits to persuade the other person towards a compromise 

  • Present your viewpoint succinctly and with impact 

  • Manage conflict and maintain a forward-looking approach 


Learning Content

  • Persuading and influencing – knowing the difference and avoiding the pitfalls 

  • What makes a great influencer? 

  • Analysing your own style 

  • The importance of assertive behaviour 

  • The power of active listening and summarising 

  • How to use questions to get a full understanding of the motivations of others 

  • Insights Discovery® reports to develop an in-depth understanding of yourself and others and how this can be used to persuade 

  • Using benefits to persuade 

  • Presenting with impact - how to make your point in 60 seconds or less 

  • Managing conflict and emotion 

  • Practice sessions with colleagues on real life scenarios