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Effective Negotiation Skills

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Even though we may not realise it, we are negotiating constantly. Whether it is in our business or personal life, negotiating formally or informally is fundamental to finding mutually agreeable solutions for action between two or more parties. 


A successful negotiation leads to improved relationships, joint commitment and improved productivity. Handled poorly,  negotiations can be a minefield that leads to mistrust and resentment.


This course examines how negotiations can be managed to ensure satisfactory outcomes for all parties. 

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Who's it for?

Anyone who negotiates contracts or needs to negotiate with internal or external partners to achieve a desired outcome.  

Indicative Duration - 1 day

Student Writing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Develop rapport with your negotiating partner 

  • Use a range of questioning techniques to understand the needs of your partner 

  • Prepare your own negotiating position and bottom line 

  • Facilitate conversations that lead to desirable and satisfactory outcomes 

  • Manage conflict and move conversations forward by focussing on issues and not people 


Learning Content

  • The traits of a successful negotiator 

  • Understanding behaviour – aggression, submission and assertiveness 

  • The power of non-verbal communication 

  • Push and pull techniques of negotiation 

  • Questioning techniques to understand priorities and preferences 

  • Recognising and flexing to your partner’s communication style 

  • Planning your trading currencies – what’s negotiable and what’s not 

  • Conflict management – tips and techniques to move conversations on 

  • Testing boundaries – how to use hypothetical questions to make your partner flexible 

  • Summarising the agreement and creating an action plan with accountabilities 

  • Practice sessions and case studies