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Developing Your Team

Guidance & Inspiration

As a manager you may already be a leading a functioning and successful team. So how do you take them to the next level? 


Challenging your team to achieve new goals is both motivational and rewarding. To do so, managers need a more nuanced understanding of their teams and individuals. This will result in more effective communication and increase the likelihood of successful development of team members. 


This pragmatic programme will help managers reflect and develop their own leadership style in order to develop others. 

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Who's it for?

Any manager or leader who wishes to take their team to the next level of development and performance.


Similarly, anyone who wishes to review and enhance their own communication style to create a more inclusive, goal-oriented team environment. 

Indicative Duration - 2 days

Student Writing

Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Implement a leadership style most appropriate to developing teams 

  • Communicate more effectively with team members


  • Provide development feedback to team members 


  • Provide structured coaching to develop individual capability 


  • Present ideas concisely with benefits related to team needs 


Learning Content

  • Leadership and management styles 

  • Understanding your team’s communication preferences – using Insights Discovery® individually tailored management reports 

  • Flexing your communication style to appeal to individual needs 

  • Developing a participative management style to aid development 

  • Facilitation techniques for use in team and individual meetings 

  • Setting clear objectives to delegate effectively 

  • Providing motivational and developmental feedback 

  • Setting learning objectives for individuals 

  • Developing the 3 “Cs” – capability, confidence and commitment 

  • Coaching skills – performance and developmental 

  • Dealing with underperformance and conduct issues 

  • Presenting your ideas with benefits that will appeal to your team 

  • Self-assessment of learning and development needs